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Riole guarantees the owner of this equipment a guarantee against any defect in material or workmanship that appears in it during the period of 12 (twelve) months for parts and 90 (ninety) days for accessories, from the date of its acquisition included in the invoice of sales.

This guarantee is valid in all countries when it is not in disagreement with local laws, losing its effect to the extent that it contravenes the law, remaining all other clauses valid.


The warranty referred to here is valid for products proven to be marketed by Riole and its authorized agents. The product must be sent for repair accompanied by a copy of the “Technical Assistance Request” form, duly completed with the copy or original of the invoice.



This warranty covers the costs of labor services and replacement of parts that have manufacturing defects. The costs of replacing parts that show natural wear due to the use of the equipment or due to breakage due to improper use or non-compliance with this manual are not covered.


The warranty is suspended if the defect presented by the product is due to: operation not in accordance with the conditions specified in the manual; removing and / or changing the serial number on the product identification label; bad use; accident; fall; violation; use with non-approved equipment; inadequate transport or storage; modifications not authorized by Riole; maintenance services performed by unauthorized persons or companies; atmosferic discharges; electrical overloads resulting or not from lightning strikes; fluctuation of electrical network; inappropriate humidity and temperatures.



Expenses with the displacement of technicians, when requested, and transportation, as well as the risks and insurance for shipping the product sent for repair are the user's responsibility.


Riole's technical assistance services are provided only in Brazil. Before sending your equipment to the authorized Riole service station, make sure that the defect presented is in the equipment itself and is not due to a problem with the electrical network or improper use.

Technical information on the equipment is available in the printed copy of this manual or on the website .

For further clarification, consult Riole Technical Support by phone 55-41-3256-1986 or by email . If you are certain that the equipment is defective, correctly follow the shipping procedures below, so that you have an agile service.


1) All equipment sent to Riole Technical Assistance for maintenance or repair must be sent with freight prepaid, otherwise it will not be received. In the case of a manufacturing defect, the consumer should contact Riole Technical Support to learn about the procedures to be adopted.

2) The equipment must be accompanied by:

• Invoice of remittance for corresponding repair or letter of request for technical assistance on letterhead, in the case of a legal entity, which must be out of the packaging for tax verification. If the consumer is an individual, this requirement should be disregarded.
• Sales invoice for the product sold.
• Maintenance Request Form - photocopied and completed.

(The correct completion of this form guarantees the performance of specific tests depending on the mentioned defect, otherwise, routine functional tests are performed).

3) The equipment must be sent for repair to the following address:

Riole Eletrônica Ltda.
Street: Luiz Andreta, 209 - Atuba
83.413-240 - Colombo - PR - Brazil

Phone: 55-41-3256-1986



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